Effective date: April 23, 2015.

At APSMEN Digital Solutions, your privacy is our utmost priority. This Privacy Policy details the kind of information we may collect, when we collect it, how we use it, and your legal rights to access it. This information may be collected by attending conferences sponsored by APSMEN Digital Solutions or other companies that link to this Privacy Policy through mobile services and/or applications offered by APSMEN Digital Solutions or other means.

In sum, this Privacy Policy explains 1) What data APSMEN Digital Solutions and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries (collectively, “APSMEN Digital Solutions,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) collect and why we collect it; 2) How we use this data; and, 3) How you can access this information, update it, or correct it.

Please read this policy carefully!

What information do we collect, and why do we collect it?

Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)

We may require you to provide us with “personally identifiable information” (“PII”), such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, and shipping address. This PII could include things like your name and address. We may also collect “non-personally identifiable information” (“Non-PII”), which is data that cannot be directly linked to you.

We obtain PII when you provide it to us through your use of APSMEN Digital Solutions.com (e.g. when you create an account, buy a product or service, sign up for our email newsletter, sign up for our webinars or demos, participate in conference calls or events, or call our sales and support staff and provide any personally identifiable information over the phone to an employee or contractor of APSMEN Digital Solutions).

We can also combine your PII with data from third parties (such as signing up for or linking to a Google or Facebook account or adding third-party information). While we would not intentionally collect or obtain data about our customers in an unethical manner, we will not be held liable if we inadvertently obtain data from a third-party source that was gathered illegally. However, if we learn that any third-party PII was collected illicitly, we will discontinue using that information and take steps to prevent it from occurring again. Please get in touch with us at

Finally, we will not collect your PII if you do not provide us with express or implied authorization to do so first. For more information regarding the differences between express vs. implied consent, see the article PII versus express and implied consent. implied consent, visit this website provided by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) enforcement agency: www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/internet/infograph.htm.

Should you decide we do not wish to send your PII, please contact us at  https://www.apsmen.com/contact-us/. We will also attempt to comply with customer Do Not Track (DNT) requests submitted through their web browsers pursuant to California’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (CalOPPA). You can view the list of available DNT protocols within your web browser.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”)

As we have mentioned, Non-PII is data that cannot be directly related to you. We automatically collect certain Non-PII when you use our service. For example, we may collect information about your devices (such as the computer’s IP address or mobile device identification number) and how you use APSMEN Digital Solutions services (such as when you visit our website). Our advertisers and ad services may also collect information outside of APSMEN Digital Solutions services to evaluate the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns. We use the Non-PII that we collect for several purposes, like providing and improving user experience and services and evaluating and improving advertising to provide the most relevant messages to our current and future customers.

Why Do We Collect Your PII and Non-PII?

We send the PII we collect to our company for various uses, including developing, evaluating, improving, and marketing our services and products. You can sign up for our email list (“opt-in”) to receive periodic emails about a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to: events, new content, product updates, blog articles, company updates, employment opportunities, and more.

We share email information with Mailchimp to help them target our marketing emails more effectively to our customers. At the same time, Mailchimp has access to email addresses and activity and may share bulk/non-specific activity data (e.g., Non-PII (non-personally identifiable information) is never shared with third parties. Should a customer choose to “opt-out” of these emails, he or she will not receive future marketing emails and will be immediately removed from all mailing lists.

APSMEN Digital Solutions initiatives, we must follow the principles of the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield framework.

Analytics, advertising, and digital tools are useful in analyzing the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

Our website also uses third-party analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.

We use analytics data to determine the performance of our marketing campaigns and the websites we design. Furthermore, we use it to evaluate our third-party partners’ effectiveness and help determine what advertisements are most effective for our readers.

In addition to Google Analytics, we use several data collection and analytics platforms and tools to help us decide what should appear on our websites, our content, our offers, and our advertising.

All Google advertising and analytics platforms (e.g., Google Analytics, Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Google Tag Manager, etc.). We gather data about user activity on the website to display to readers through paid search and display campaigns and to sell to advertisers.

How we share information.

We do not disclose your PII to third parties unless you have provided consent.

To companies that offer services to us or perform tasks on our behalf (such as processing credit card transactions or taking orders) and agree to use your data for only the purposes we request;

To send crusher contract offers to our users on behalf of affiliated companies and behalf of non-affiliated partners.

To other reputable companies, we may reveal your name and mailing address (but not your email address or credit card information), so they can send you information that is of interest to you;

We believe disclosure is necessary to enforce existing law, legal procedure, or government law.

When we think disclosure is necessary to protect our privacy policy and other agreements, or to protect our rights, our customers, our property, our employees, or others; and

If we become involved in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, partial or total sale of assets, or other corporate change, then we will be subcontractors.

In the event of legal concerns, we may release de-identified, aggregated, or non-PII to third parties.

APSMEN Digital Solutions seeks to collaborate with third parties that comply with the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield Framework.

Choices you make

You can modify your data, delete it, or opt-out of receiving further messages. There are many ways to control our use of your PII and Non-PII in connection with marketing and promotion.

To remove your name from our customer lists.

You may decline our communications when you give us your PII. Or you can stop our communications or prohibit us from sharing your data with other companies for their marketing purposes once we have your PII.

Stop emailing.

If you receive an email from us and no longer wish to receive such communications, you can click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the promotional email.

Social media and the information you share.

Whether you want to publish your PII on social media sites or public forums is up to you, but remember that this information will be considered public. Remember that all the information you share about yourself, including PII, on social media and other public forums will be considered public information for this policy. If you do not want to be public, please do not post the information to any of our Facebook pages, website, or third-party social media sites. We are not liable if other users misuse the information you post in an inappropriate, obscene, or unethical manner. Check out third-party privacy policies or terms of use before posting to third-party platforms. You may contact us if you need to remove the PII you posted on our social channels or website.

There are other options.

You can learn more about our cookie and interest-based advertising campaigns below.

Fixing or Updating Your Information

If you would like to request updates to the PII that you have already provided to us, you can do so via your customer account settings, email preferences or by contacting us at

The cookies

We use “cookies,” “web beacons,” and other similar technologies to gather information in connection with APSMEN Digital Solutions and the APSMEN Digital Solutions Pond Software Tool and our promotions. Our partners and third-party vendors may also use cookies. A cookie is a computer program that serves as an identification card for your web browser to distinguish it from other users and allow us to serve you better. For example, we use cookies to save your shopping cart as you browse our website and track the effectiveness of advertisements and marketing campaigns. Similarly, a “web beacon” is software that recognizes specific cookies and conveys information about that browser. We do not use these technologies to collect PII.

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. You can usually disable or delete cookies from your browser. For instructions, check your internet browser’s technical information. However, if you don’t permit or erase cookies, this may prevent or affect features offered by APSMEN Digital Solutions and services provided by third parties on APSMEN Digital Solutions.com, or elsewhere you visit. We recommend leaving your cookies “turned on” so our pages offer you a better experience.

Interest-Based Advertising

We work with third-party advertisers who collect and utilize information about your online activities on websites over time to deliver more relevant advertisements when you use our services and other websites on the Internet. This practice is known as interest-based advertising.

We do not operate or control these sites and are not responsible for the opt-out options available there. Note that omitting yourself from the Draft King will not prevent you from receiving advertisements in your browser or apps. As a result, the ads you see may be less relevant to your interests. If you delete, block or otherwise restrict cookies or use a different computer or Internet browser, you may need to update your opt-out choice.

Mobile Site Access and Location-Based Services

APSMEN Digital Solutions’ website, applications, services, and tools can be accessed using a mobile device. This Privacy Policy applies to all such mobile access.

When we send you to one of our websites or apps for mobile devices, we may collect information about your location and mobile device. This helps us deliver personalized services, improved search results, and other unique content, which can be tailored based on your current location. You can opt-out of or modify your mobile operating system’s location services in your settings menu. If you are unsure how to disable or change your mobile operating system’s location services, don’t hesitate to contact your mobile device service carrier or manufacturer.

The children

Under 13-year-olds

The online experience, services, and products offered by APSMEN Digital Solutions.com are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 13, and we do not knowingly collect personal information online from such individuals.

Over 13-year-olds

Minors ages 13 to 18 require parental supervision before making authorized, legal purchases from APSMEN Digital Solutions.com or using our products or services. We are not liable for any misuse of this permission, and we request that parents monitor their children when accessing our website, products, and services.

Links to third parties and social media can be added for verifiability.

Our website links to third parties online. These third parties have separate policies that restrict their use, collection, and disclosure of data. We suggest you review their policies to learn about their practices.

Many of our customers utilize social media tools. We include links to various platforms on our websites so you can interact with these social media tools directly via our websites. Your experience on those platforms is governed by the policies of the social media sites themselves. So, the privacy settings you have decided on on those sites will determine how public your information will be. We encourage you to visit each site’s privacy policy and review it before using their services and to adjust your privacy setting on each site to suit your needs.

Keeping your PII safe is extremely important.

Because we at APSMEN Digital Solutions understand that a privacy policy is only useful if we abide by the rules we have laid out, we have instituted reasonable and appropriate physical, electronic, and administrative measures to protect your information. If you sense our information is not secure or we are not abiding by our policies, please get in touch with us immediately (contact information listed below).

However, these messages may not be encrypted or otherwise protected if you communicate with us via email or social media. Therefore, please do not include or disclose sensitive information via these communication channels.

We have refreshed our privacy policy.

APSMEN Digital Solutions may update its privacy policy at any time. We will post all changes to this webpage and place a notice on our homepage. We will send you a notification if you are registered with our project. The new privacy policy will only apply if you have given us your email address. We will not share your data with any third parties without your permission. The new policy will not affect any data collected under previous policies. Please check this page for updates and changes frequently.

Policy for Affiliates

APSMEN Digital Solutions has provided free course content for more than ten years. This investment in time and infrastructure is partially offset by affiliate revenue. We will be the first to call out any promotions that are being sponsored. All potential partners will be personally vetted before we are involved in any tasks.

Get in touch with us.

If you have any questions about this Policy, contact us by email or phone. We will get in touch with you within five business days of the date you send in your inquiry.

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