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What is APSMEN Digital Solutions

APSMEN Digital Solutions is a digital marketing agency that offers clients a range of services such as content writing, software development, web design, social media management, search engine optimization, support service and copywriting. 


The company has been on a mission  to provide comprehensive holistic unified digital marketing solutions for clients.

Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune many companies. We have offices in Bangladesh and Spain.


APSMEN  a diverse environment that encourages original thinking about our business and empowers us to communicate with a global world of customers. We embrace differences of opinion and diversity of thought as they help us challenge and refine our solutions. APSMEN, as a best-in-class digital marketing agency, welcomes big ideas, and believes they can come from anywhere.

NGOs can manage their grant programs, projects, and grant applications using APSMEN Digital Solutions, a cloud-based IT platform developed specifically for development organizations.

APSMEN supports everything from grant management to operations in the field, providing powerful information management tools yet being lightweight enough to use in low-bandwidth areas.

APSMEN is a software platform designed specifically for non-profit organizations. It manages programs, projects, and grants.

As a lightweight cloud-based platform,

APSMEN's cloud-based design allows users to access its functionality from anywhere globally, supporting project and grant management, improving oversight and visibility, capturing data, controlling organisational knowledge, and making decisions.

Our system is fully customizable to fit your organization's needs and ways of working, and it aligns with the International Aid Transparency Index (IATI). Integration of the system with ERP and human resources systems is also possible for better visibility in your organization's portfolio.

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Designed specifically for NGOs

Developed with established NGOs to ensure functions are relevant, tried and tested.

Document management

Access, edit and collaborate with ease with template libraries, version control and more.

Integrate with existing systems

Integrate with existing ERP and HR systems for greater visibility and access.


Project and program  management

Manage projects and programs with easy access to project cycles, tools and templates.


Monitoring and reporting

Use logframes, risk management and decision logs for effective monitoring and reporting.


Configured to your organisation

Customise to suit your organisation’s workflows, terminology, templates and more.

Grant and donor management

Manage applications, donors, grants, reporting and budgets all in one place.

Work offline and at low bandwidth

Work from anywhere in the world thanks to a light-weight design and offline capabilities.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Navigate, analyse and search with ease with our intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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