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Amazon Sponsored Products Management

Optimize your Amazon profits with strategic advertising.

Before investing in Amazon advertising, understand that it is a complex process. Sponsored products should always be managed using better-defined strategies. Unfortunately, many customers waste money and resources by trusting their guesswork instead of hiring our PPC agency. At APSMEN, we remove the guessing game by finding realistic goals tailored to your business needs while focusing on maximizing ROI and decreasing ACoS.



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What are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

After prepping your business for success with keyword research, listing optimization, trademark registration, and more, you’re ready to launch an Amazon CPC ad campaign. First, you set the budget and bid per click of your sponsored product ads, which appear on the first page of search results and product pages. Then, optimize descriptions, images, and pricing for successful bids to stand out against competitors.

Our Amazon-sponsored product management allows you to use automatic and manual campaigns and keyword-based or product attribution targets. To start, we’ll equip you with an automated ad campaign and use those results to refine your manual campaign. With broad, exact, and phrase matching available for your keyword-based ads, successful execution requires more than luck – that’s where our expertise, tools, and processes come in, guaranteeing maximum ROI.

How We Keep You Updated

Our Amazon marketing agency plan gives you a complete overview of how we’ll deliver your campaign’s success. First, we map out growth goals and strategies month by month, adjusting calculations for optimal ROI. Then, at the end of every week and month, reports are sent to you to keep you informed about the progress of your ad campaign. Achieving success with Amazon-sponsored products is essential for serious merchants to gain an edge – it’s the difference between success and failure on the platform.

We offer comprehensive solutions for successful ad campaigns with Amazon Sponsored Brands Management.

Let’s elevate your Amazon advertising game with advanced strategies and tactics.

Leverage Amazon’s sponsored brands to build awareness and give your products the needed edge. Our comprehensive advertising services will ensure that your products are seen first, with custom messaging, logos, and visuals that highlight your brand. This strategy allows your products to be pushed without competition, ensuring product visibility and increasing the likelihood of turning a one-time customer into a repeat buyer. Then, take the next step in your Amazon advertising journey with our sponsored brand ads – designed to drive increased sales and long-term loyalty.

Connect with our Amazon PPC professionals to build successful and profitable campaigns for your business. We provide an end-to-end service that starts with goal setting and continues through process execution and strategy adjustments based on data. Our experienced team will work closely with you to align all activities with your specific objectives, whether you’re a new or existing Amazon customer. When it comes time to use Amazon brand advertising ahead of special holidays, we can craft the perfect plan to successfully reach your target audience and drive product loyalty.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Our expert PPC and social media specialists provide the ultimate value to your marketing budget.

Our Amazon PPC agency offers you a complete service, including internal and external advertising options. Take advantage of Google Ads, Bing, or YouTube, or unleash the power of social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – all tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team has the experience and resources to help you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Our expert PPC and social media specialists at APSMEN are committed to helping you create the most successful campaigns for your Amazon business. We understand the nuances of setting up coupon ads or opt-in initiatives. In addition, we can advise on using Facebook Messenger ads – which offer a more personal approach and, therefore, higher conversion rates. Of course, our Amazon PPC management also encompasses strategic email campaigns to further engage customers after purchase in order to maximize their value for your business.


Your success in the world of eCommerce is our mission. That’s why we ensure that your marketing budget is allocated appropriately, so you can make the most out of both internal and external advertising options. Amazon sales are one surefire way to ensure your business APSMENs. APSMEN has years of experience providing solutions leading to high investment returns and low Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).

With the introduction of Amazon Attribution, brands can now measure the success of their display ads, search, and video campaigns to see how consumers discover and purchase their products. In addition, we help you analyze the sales impact across different channels, which allows you to better understand where your leads come from and make appropriate adjustments to your marketing spending. Furthermore, with the Brand Referral Bonus Program (reserved for Amazon Brand Registered sellers), you could get back some of your ads spent in referral bonuses. This is a major advantage when trying to optimize your budget.

Amazon Video Ads

Reach mobile buyers to drive engagement and sales.

To succeed in eCommerce, you need to reach mobile buyers. Our Amazon marketing agency can assist you in developing a digital strategy that targets mobile customers and captivates their interest with creative video ads. We’ll guide you on making the ads as effective as possible and help craft offers that drive viewer to purchase on Amazon. This is especially important when trying to engage younger audiences.

Our Amazon experts can help you get the most out of your product photography and videography. Our vendors provide high-resolution images that are optimized for Amazon, and our in-house videographers create compelling videos to draw in customers. We also specialize in YouTube videos specifically geared toward PPC marketing. And once you’ve registered your brand with Amazon, we’ll help you make the most of A+ content and boost your product descriptions.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Maximize your bulk sales with an effective Amazon advertising campaign.

If you want to wholesale your products on Amazon, our experienced Amazon PPC agency can help. We’ll create a targeted advertising campaign to boost your bulk sales and work with you to understand fees, MAP contracts, true costs, and more. Our team also monitors and enforces the MAP policy on Amazon to ensure you get the highest return on investment possible.


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